TPE: The Polymer That Makes Sex Dolls Feel Real

TPE is an abbreviation commonly used for “thermoplastic elastomer,” also known as thermoplastic rubber. This rubber variant differs from other rubbers because it’s made using a mix of polymers that, when it comes to love dolls, gives you a more realistic-to-the-touch sex doll.

The dolls you buy from reputable vendors like make use of high-quality TPE. (Some use more-expensive silicone to make their dolls instead; that’s a good second-choice.) This combination of plastic and rubber in TPE gives a doll more realistic-feeling skin, softer breasts, and more pleasurable genitals.

TPE is also more durable and doesn’t tear as easily. That certainly beats trying to use a hard plastic mannequin with fleshlights attached to its top and bottom ends!

The Benefits of Going the TPE Route for Sex Dolls

  • Elastic and Extendable: One favorable property of TPE is the fact that you can stretch it up to 5.5 times of its length. Just imagine the pleasure potential of this material. It creates sex dolls with amazing softness and suppleness that isn’t fragile and breakable, even when you get particularly hot and sweaty with it.
  • A Two-Ingredient Blend: In order for TPE to simulate or achieve the girlish softness or smooth suppleness of human skin without being organic or as fragile as the real deal, it blends an elastomer and thermoplastic together to form the best of both worlds—skin softness and plastic strength mixed with the elasticity of rubber.
  • Popular Material: TPE has enjoyed popularity for many other uses, due to its elastic properties that make it half-plastic and half-rubber. You’ll find it in many everyday items that are manufactured in asymmetrical shapes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness without Sacrificing Quality: Another reason to go for TPE sex dolls? It uses materials that respond well to injection molding and mass production. Companies can mass produce high-quality sex dolls that maximize efficiency and minimize cost. A less-expensive TPE doll can cost between $800 and $2,000, yet has qualities comparable to $10,000 silicone dolls.

TPE’s nature allows for the manufacturing of natural-looking sex doll limbs, faces, features, bodily contours, torsos, and even the genitals that make them quality sex toys. No longer do sex doll devotees have to settle for hard plastic mannequins with fleshlight attachments or easy-to-tear vinyl or rubber dolls, nor do they have to pay exorbitant prices for silicone models. TPE sex dolls are durable, realistic, provide enormous pleasure – and may be with you longer than a human girlfriend would.

Yes, They Make Male Sex Dolls Too

Not only men can enjoy the ingenuity of man but also women. Yes, if you happen to be working far from your husband and you seem so lonely as your bed is empty most of the time, you will not feel the same anymore if you will check out the male sex dolls.

Men dolls are available

Have you heard about the female sex dolls? You might think the world is unfair as these businesses only think of men. But that is not the case as men dolls are now available. You can now have a companion at night and your bed will be that empty anymore.

A better option

I am pretty sure your husband will favor this option than if you roam around and meet some guys because you are too lonely. With the male sex dolls, there will be no need for you to feel lonely again. You can make use of it for as long as you want and as often as you like for that matter.

Use it when you feel like it

But you have to note that this might not be healthy if you use it too much. So, just use it when you are already too lonely. When you buy a male doll, just like with the female doll, you also need to consider a lot of things, such as the material, the features and so on.

The same options

Just like the female dolls, there are also some key features that you might want to modify for your own preferences. And so, there are also male dolls that can be semi and fully customized. But of course, there are also those that are standardized and cheaper. So, you need to consider your budget first before deciding what kind of male doll to use.

Less chances of cheating

The good thing when you have this in your own room is that you need not feel so lonely anymore. You need not think about cheating your partner or you won’t be easily tempted. That is usually the case when a couple is separated because of their work. They usually end up getting friendly with other people in the opposite sex and though they don’t plan it, in time they develop feelings.

With the make doll availability though, there is a minimal risk for such. So, if you are kind of lonely right now, you should start checking out online for make dolls that can become your temporary companion.