How Many People Have Sexual Fantasies?

Are you having a healthy and comfortable sex life? How often do you do it with your partners? Well, sex is claimed to provide not just pleasure but also a healthy and strong relationship. But one question, do you have sexual fantasies?

What Sexual Fantasy Is?

Sexual arousal can be achieved when you start imagining things, watch pornographic videos, or being attracted to another person. Having sexual fantasies leads you to be aroused and it’s normal everywhere. Each sexual fantasy might determine the preference for the partners or sexual positions. There is no explanation as to why these fantasies are developed but it always leads to experiences from childhood and norms relating to sexuality and gender.

Do Lots of People Have Fantasies?

Surveys have been made to know how many people have fantasies. It’s normal and healthy but will depend on the type of fantasy they had been daydreaming of. Almost 90% of women fantasized about having sex in a specific location for more than men fantasized about receiving oral sex.

These fantasies are not just imagining doing it with another person but sometimes could be as worst as doing it with an animal child. Sexual urges know no bounds. Most of the population being surveyed chose group sex, oral, and sex is done in a romantic location as their preferred fantasies. They took a total of 84.1% among the surveyed individuals.

The Common Fantasies among People

Sex topics would probably pique the interests of many especially when talking about fantasies. They will be curious about others’ interests and views on sex and their respective fantasies. Some fantasies are listed based on how common they had been uttered or chosen through the surveys.

  • Multi-partner – this sex involves more than one partner of different or the same partners. This is common to men as they fantasized about sex with multiple people and anonymous partners.
  • Rough or Dominant – violent, animalistic, and aggressive type of sex. One common practice for this is BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, masochism). Dominant-submissive relationships, as well as a known type where roleplays, are done and different ways to inflict physical pain are done.

When having a partner, and you have fantasies, you can work it out by discussing it with your partner. You need to establish consent first, and if it’s a yes then it’s a yes. Throughout the intercourse, make sure you check out with your partner and if a red flag has been raised, make sure you’ll stop before hurting each other.