Do Sex Robots Exist Yet?

When it comes to sex toys that can be used both as a tool and as a companion, the first one that probably comes to your mind is the sex doll. These are special kinds of dolls that closely resemble the appearance of a female human being. They also come with features that can be useful in any kind of sexual act. Thus, sex dolls became one of the most sought-after sex toys.

But did you know that modern technology has produced yet another sex toy that can be a very useful tool and companion for sexually active adult males like you? They are similar to sex dolls, but they are more upgraded and advanced. They are popularly known as the sex robots.

You may probably have some doubt about their existence, considering the fact that sex dolls are the ones dominating the adult toy market. But yes, these robots do exist alongside the sex dolls and all other popular sex toys. If you want to know more about them, read on to find out.

Sex Robots: Like Sex Dolls, But Much More Realistic

Sex robots have been around in the sex toy market since the 2010s already. They have been slowly gaining popularity among adult male consumers nowadays, thanks to their features that appear to be the more advanced and more upgraded version of the sex doll’s features – at least in the technological aspect.

Like sex dolls, sex robots also take the appearance of a human female. From the face, body, and other features, you could also mistaken these robots for actual human beings.

Aside from that, there is also the fact that a sex robot can also be highly customizable in its appearance, just like a sex doll. From hair color, eye color, even to the boob size, you are free to customize your very own sex robot according to the qualities you sexually desire in a woman.

 But then, this is where the advancement comes in – unlike sex dolls, a sex robot can be responsive to your actions towards her. Equipped with a special type of technology, the sex robot has the ability to move or speak accordingly depending to what you are doing with her. With such impressive features, using a sex robot can be as realistic as having sex with an actual human.  No wonder they are gaining popularity in the sex toy market nowadays.