Sex Dolls? They’re Much More Than Simple Blow-Up Toys

Sex is something inevitable. It is an urge that humans have to deal with not only to show love but to simply fulfill what their body wants. However, you cannot always ask your partner to have sex with you anytime you feel like doing it. There are also limitations when making love with your partner unlike having a sex doll. This is when a sex doll can be said better because you can do anything with it. But did you know that these dolls are not only for sex?

What Other Things to Expect from Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are obviously created to provide satisfaction to people who are experiencing issues with their sex life. However, this is not the only thing that you can expect from a sex doll. If you are thinking of buying a doll from then you will surely feel excited to enjoy the following benefits.

– Despite the fact that they were just sex toys, sex dolls are different. They look and feel like a human with a gorgeous and sexy body that men usually crave for. The shape of their body is close to perfection and they can even be more beautiful than the famous porn stars. 

– The idea of using sex dolls can somehow keep you away from having prostate cancer. If you are sexually active, you can prevent suffering from headache, decreased in blood pressure, and insomnia. With the help of a sex doll, you can have sex anytime you want without getting a no answer.

– With the fact that sex dolls can be considered as a companion, then you will no longer feel alone thus preventing you to feel depressed. 

– Sex dolls will not give you heartaches. Of course, your doll will never cheat on you or even reject you so you can be assured that you are the only one who is using her.

– Sex dolls keep you away from sexually transmitted diseases. Instead of hooking up with a stranger, buying a sex doll is far better. Besides, the satisfaction you can get from a sex doll can be greater than a human can give.

With all of these benefits, you don’t have to doubt buying one at You can have the guarantee of owning a quality and life-like sex dolls who can fulfill your sexual needs.

Pros And Cons Of Sex Dolls Made From Silicone

The popularity of sex dolls had given the manufacturers the energy to produce more in order to meet its increasing demand. They experiment and search for other features and materials to level up the experience. As a result, buying for a sex doll is never easy because you have to familiarize yourself first with your options if you want to have the right doll that will suit your needs and expectations.

Is It Worth the Money to Have A Silicone Sex Doll

When looking for a sex doll, you will notice that silicone sex dolls are more popular. Silicone is a kind of polymer that is resistant to heat. It is a rubber-like materials tat can either be soft or firm. With the fact that it can withstand heat, there is nothing for you to worry about sterilizing a material made of silicone. In fact, they normally use it when making sex toys.

If you are wondering if it is a good idea to choose a silicone sex doll over TPE dolls, then you should weigh the pros and cons of the product first in order to come up with the right choice. This is not just about the money that you will have to spend in buying a sex doll but it will also affect the pleasure that you will get. 

One of the advantages on buying a silicone sex doll is that it has realistic orifices. The looks is also life-like compared to other dolls made of TPE. If you have skin allergies, then silicone doll suits you because it is hypoallergenic. With the fact that you have to clean the doll after using it, choosing a doll made of silicone will give you no worries. It is easy to clean because it is a non-porous material and can resist stains. You can even sterilize the doll without affecting the quality.

If you want to buy silicone sex dolls, you have to know that these are more expensive than your other options. Some people also find a silicone doll sticky and feels thicker and stiff. You have to handle it with care and store it in a safe place because it is not durable. Of course, not everyone always has the money to spend on a sex doll so you better know the quality of the doll. 

To sum it all up, having a sex doll can be a good idea as long as you have enough budget to buy one. If you think that a silicone doll is what you need for your sexual satisfaction, then go for it.

TPE: The Polymer That Makes Sex Dolls Feel Real

TPE is an abbreviation commonly used for “thermoplastic elastomer,” also known as thermoplastic rubber. This rubber variant differs from other rubbers because it’s made using a mix of polymers that, when it comes to love dolls, gives you a more realistic-to-the-touch sex doll.

The dolls you buy from reputable vendors like make use of high-quality TPE. (Some use more-expensive silicone to make their dolls instead; that’s a good second-choice.) This combination of plastic and rubber in TPE gives a doll more realistic-feeling skin, softer breasts, and more pleasurable genitals.

TPE is also more durable and doesn’t tear as easily. That certainly beats trying to use a hard plastic mannequin with fleshlights attached to its top and bottom ends!

The Benefits of Going the TPE Route for Sex Dolls

  • Elastic and Extendable: One favorable property of TPE is the fact that you can stretch it up to 5.5 times of its length. Just imagine the pleasure potential of this material. It creates sex dolls with amazing softness and suppleness that isn’t fragile and breakable, even when you get particularly hot and sweaty with it.
  • A Two-Ingredient Blend: In order for TPE to simulate or achieve the girlish softness or smooth suppleness of human skin without being organic or as fragile as the real deal, it blends an elastomer and thermoplastic together to form the best of both worlds—skin softness and plastic strength mixed with the elasticity of rubber.
  • Popular Material: TPE has enjoyed popularity for many other uses, due to its elastic properties that make it half-plastic and half-rubber. You’ll find it in many everyday items that are manufactured in asymmetrical shapes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness without Sacrificing Quality: Another reason to go for TPE sex dolls? It uses materials that respond well to injection molding and mass production. Companies can mass produce high-quality sex dolls that maximize efficiency and minimize cost. A less-expensive TPE doll can cost between $800 and $2,000, yet has qualities comparable to $10,000 silicone dolls.

TPE’s nature allows for the manufacturing of natural-looking sex doll limbs, faces, features, bodily contours, torsos, and even the genitals that make them quality sex toys. No longer do sex doll devotees have to settle for hard plastic mannequins with fleshlight attachments or easy-to-tear vinyl or rubber dolls, nor do they have to pay exorbitant prices for silicone models. TPE sex dolls are durable, realistic, provide enormous pleasure – and may be with you longer than a human girlfriend would.

How Many People Have Sexual Fantasies?

Are you having a healthy and comfortable sex life? How often do you do it with your partners? Well, sex is claimed to provide not just pleasure but also a healthy and strong relationship. But one question, do you have sexual fantasies?

What Sexual Fantasy Is?

Sexual arousal can be achieved when you start imagining things, watch pornographic videos, or being attracted to another person. Having sexual fantasies leads you to be aroused and it’s normal everywhere. Each sexual fantasy might determine the preference for the partners or sexual positions. There is no explanation as to why these fantasies are developed but it always leads to experiences from childhood and norms relating to sexuality and gender.

Do Lots of People Have Fantasies?

Surveys have been made to know how many people have fantasies. It’s normal and healthy but will depend on the type of fantasy they had been daydreaming of. Almost 90% of women fantasized about having sex in a specific location for more than men fantasized about receiving oral sex.

These fantasies are not just imagining doing it with another person but sometimes could be as worst as doing it with an animal child. Sexual urges know no bounds. Most of the population being surveyed chose group sex, oral, and sex is done in a romantic location as their preferred fantasies. They took a total of 84.1% among the surveyed individuals.

The Common Fantasies among People

Sex topics would probably pique the interests of many especially when talking about fantasies. They will be curious about others’ interests and views on sex and their respective fantasies. Some fantasies are listed based on how common they had been uttered or chosen through the surveys.

  • Multi-partner – this sex involves more than one partner of different or the same partners. This is common to men as they fantasized about sex with multiple people and anonymous partners.
  • Rough or Dominant – violent, animalistic, and aggressive type of sex. One common practice for this is BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, masochism). Dominant-submissive relationships, as well as a known type where roleplays, are done and different ways to inflict physical pain are done.

When having a partner, and you have fantasies, you can work it out by discussing it with your partner. You need to establish consent first, and if it’s a yes then it’s a yes. Throughout the intercourse, make sure you check out with your partner and if a red flag has been raised, make sure you’ll stop before hurting each other.

What Makes Party Girls So Incredibly Desirable

These girls can be found in many types of parties and events anywhere. If you have been on a friend’s party or a concert or music festival, chances are, you have already encountered these kinds of girls. They love to dance, drink, make out, and do a lot of crazy stuff, make a mess, puke all over the place, not caring about the world or what other people might say about them.

Sexy girls. Party in the car. Limousine.

Ah, the party girls – they are totally something, aren’t they? Despite their seemingly wild and unhinged behavior and lifestyle that makes others stay away from them, these girls have that so-called “X factor” that makes any adult male like you go crazy for her as well. Why? Then read on to find out.

What’s So Special About Party Girls?

Party girls are a fixture to any type of party or non-formal social event – whether it be a concert, music festival, clubs, or any similar event. They love to dress up into sexy but sophisticated dresses, high heels, then make themselves more beautiful with makeup and stylized hair.

Since they come in groups in most parties, these types of girls are not too hard to spot during an event. By the time you see a pretty girl or a group of pretty girls getting slowly crazy with their dancing, then starts doing crazy things, kissing each other or some lucky stranger, or any other crazy stuff you could imagine a drunk person would do, then there go your party girls.

Why Get A Party Girl?

Given their crazy and unhinged attitude at parties, you might think – is it a good idea to get a party girl for a fun night? Well, the answer is yes! When you are looking for a single night of pure fun and wild moments, then getting yourself a drinking, hard-partying pretty girl is a great thing to do.

One, a party girl knows how to connect with a stranger. Since she is a fixture to every party that had ever existed, then she is most likely to be knowledgeable in forming some sort of connection to strangers. No wonder she can easily get you at a bat of her eyelashes.

And two, she knows how to have fun! Having been to many parties already, she surely knows how to start and make things very fun, entertaining, and wild for you, and that makes her desirable.

Do Sex Robots Exist Yet?

When it comes to sex toys that can be used both as a tool and as a companion, the first one that probably comes to your mind is the sex doll. These are special kinds of dolls that closely resemble the appearance of a female human being. They also come with features that can be useful in any kind of sexual act. Thus, sex dolls became one of the most sought-after sex toys.

But did you know that modern technology has produced yet another sex toy that can be a very useful tool and companion for sexually active adult males like you? They are similar to sex dolls, but they are more upgraded and advanced. They are popularly known as the sex robots.

You may probably have some doubt about their existence, considering the fact that sex dolls are the ones dominating the adult toy market. But yes, these robots do exist alongside the sex dolls and all other popular sex toys. If you want to know more about them, read on to find out.

Sex Robots: Like Sex Dolls, But Much More Realistic

Sex robots have been around in the sex toy market since the 2010s already. They have been slowly gaining popularity among adult male consumers nowadays, thanks to their features that appear to be the more advanced and more upgraded version of the sex doll’s features – at least in the technological aspect.

Like sex dolls, sex robots also take the appearance of a human female. From the face, body, and other features, you could also mistaken these robots for actual human beings.

Aside from that, there is also the fact that a sex robot can also be highly customizable in its appearance, just like a sex doll. From hair color, eye color, even to the boob size, you are free to customize your very own sex robot according to the qualities you sexually desire in a woman.

 But then, this is where the advancement comes in – unlike sex dolls, a sex robot can be responsive to your actions towards her. Equipped with a special type of technology, the sex robot has the ability to move or speak accordingly depending to what you are doing with her. With such impressive features, using a sex robot can be as realistic as having sex with an actual human.  No wonder they are gaining popularity in the sex toy market nowadays.

Yes, They Make Male Sex Dolls Too

Not only men can enjoy the ingenuity of man but also women. Yes, if you happen to be working far from your husband and you seem so lonely as your bed is empty most of the time, you will not feel the same anymore if you will check out the male sex dolls.

Men dolls are available

Have you heard about the female sex dolls? You might think the world is unfair as these businesses only think of men. But that is not the case as men dolls are now available. You can now have a companion at night and your bed will not be that empty anymore.

A better option

I am pretty sure your husband will favor this option than if you roam around and meet some guys because you are too lonely. With the male sex dolls, there will be no need for you to feel lonely again. You can make use of it for as long as you want and as often as you like for that matter.

Use it when you feel like it

But you have to note that this might not be healthy if you use it too much. So, just use it when you are already too lonely. When you buy a male doll, just like with the female doll, you also need to consider a lot of things, such as the material, the features and so on.

The same options

Just like the female dolls, there are also some key features that you might want to modify for your own preferences. And so, there are also male dolls that can be semi and fully customized. But of course, there are also those that are standardized and cheaper. So, you need to consider your budget first before deciding what kind of male doll to use.

Less chances of cheating

The good thing when you have this in your own room is that you need not feel so lonely anymore. You need not think about cheating your partner or you won’t be easily tempted. That is usually the case when a couple is separated because of their work. They usually end up getting friendly with other people in the opposite sex and though they don’t plan it, in time they develop feelings.

With the make doll availability though, there is a minimal risk for such. So, if you are kind of lonely right now, you should start checking out online for make dolls that can become your temporary companion.